lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Name That Dictator

FEBRUARY 1, 2011


It's fascinating how dictators want to selfishly hold power, yet blame everyone else for their failures.

Does this fact-pattern sound familiar?

For decades, a dictator exerts absolute power through a system of fear and repression backed by military control and the brutality of its domestic security forces. Throughout this time, the human, political and economic rights of its people are systemically violated, ensuing in social collapse and despair. Pursuant to rising domestic pressure and international criticism, the dictator announces some makeshift reforms, reshuffles Cabinet members and promotes the head of the country's security apparatus. The people know such reforms are far from the fundamental change needed and desired, but the international community (and the dictator's advocates) conveniently promotes such reforms as progress. Meanwhile, the dictator continues to elude responsibility.

Two guesses -- but it should come as no surprise that the Castro brothers are painstakingly hiding news of Egypt's uprising from the Cuban people.

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