jueves, 30 de abril de 2009


By: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario, member of the PULC in Puerto Rico.

april 30, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.noticiascubadisidentes.com/ - there is a dominican communist by the name of Chapín who was praising the dictatorship in one of his radio confrontations with cuban national Jay Martínez, radio commentator of the program "Cuban Magazine", in Notiuno 630 am, on sundays from 7pm to 9pm. Well i got good news for you Chapín, there is free dental care in Cuba and on the following photos i am going to show you what are the benefits the dictatorship is going to give you.


By: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario, member of the PULC in Puerto Rico.

april 30, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.cubanoticiasdisidentes.com/ - A message from Yusnaimy, wife of Dr. Darsi Ferrer, which starts in the following way:

Dear friends:

I am very emotional and grateful for the immense solidarity which you all have demonstrated after seeing the video which our brother Manuel Benito send to the program of Oscar Haza (Not to the Social Exclusion), where it is shown the work we do in the towns of the needy. The truth is that so much sensibility by all of you for the compatriots who survive totally excluded is a very beautiful gesture, which impulses us to keep extending our hands to all those persons who see these humanitarian help as their only hope for the solution to their grave problems.

I do not know how to thank you for your offer in helping and the disposition that you express by contributing to continue this labor of aid for those who lack the most basic recourses. Even though it is not new the solidarity of the cubans in exile, and also we know that thanks to many of the families in the exterior that many of the families in Cuba can enjoy a comfortable life, the truth is it is astonishing to see the mobilization of all you in functions of continuing to help more cubans who are in need.

Some question me how can they contribute with with their mails in this labour, unfortunately we do not have channels which we can utilize so we can receive these donations, neither can we rely on organizations to store the recourses and then be able to deliver it, i can only say to you that we offer our help appealing to the few recourses that we can get between the neigbors or friends who donate some clothes of use, toys, some food, sometimes books for childrens through the embassy, crayons, we also utilize some medicines when somebody sends it and with these recourses we are going and we are trying to reduce the suffering of these people, it is not much we can do, but our only interest is to extend our hand to the most needy, with no other cause but the human sensibility.

Even though the cuban government makes it dificult and expensive, there are agencies who dedicate themselfs to sending packages to our country, also there are people who know other ways of sending these items but we do not know much about their activities. The most that we can assure is that we will always, any recourse that they send us, we will try, as we always have done, to give it the best use possible.

Maybe you do not know that i only have two or three hours a week to access the internet, many people have written to me in these days, to all i say i will try to answer their calls as soon as possible, counting with the time available.

If it is of any use, i live with my husband in:

San Bernandino st. #265 between Serrano and Duregue, Santo Suárez, 10 of October.

You can contact us at cel: 05-27-3-27-93

A hug to all and i am very grateful.



By: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario, member of the PULC in Puerto Rico.

april 30, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.cubanoticiasdisidentes.com/ - Here are some more photos comparering the Cuba before Castro and of Cuba after Castro. I would like to know what the communist in the free world would have to say about their utopic society after they see these photos?


Habana, april 29, 2oo9

In the afternoon of yesterday, i recorded a telephone message send from the Prison of Combinado del Este, by the prominent news reporter, who is jailed, of the cause of the 75 Ricardo González Alfonso, which i reproduce in whole.

Francisco Chaviano González.

First vicepresident of the ULRC

Pro Temporary Secretary of the Agenda for a Transition.

Message of Ricardo González Alfonzo President of the Society of News Reporters Manuel Márquez Sterling from the prison of Combinado del Este.

The Society of News Reporters Manuel Márquez Sterling congratulates all the social communicators in this day of the conmemoration of may 3 of the International Day for Free press.

We send a message of solidarity to the reporters who risk their lives in conflicts in all countries, to the foreign correspondents who are accredited in Cuba, many times far from their countries and who are professionals or simple citizens who feel the need to inform or inform themselfs.

To end this note we salute in a special matter the independent reporters who in Cuba, jailed or not, confront the repression of a regime which is anti freedom, also those who have had to leave their country in exile, prosecuted for being consequent with certain protection of the truth, honesty and risks.

From the prison Combinado del Este in Habana

Ricardo González Alfonzo

President of the Society of News Reporters Manuel Márquez Sterling.

martes, 28 de abril de 2009


BY: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario, member of the PULC, en Puerto Rico.

april 28, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.cubanoticiasdisidentes.com/ - No positive change in Cuba, the cuban opposers are still being detained and harassed and the dictatorship is authorizing more aggressive beating of protestors. If the Castros are willing to open up to US diplomatic relations they are showing a very negative start. They are not respecting human rights or releasing any of the political prisoners. I hope that President Obama can see through the farse they are trying to portray.

The brothers are liers and hypocrits and worst of all communist which makes their conditions of diplomacy dubious and unreliable. The older they get the more evil and the more cynical they grow.

I am adding more photos of Cuba B.C. and A.C., they are for you to see and decide which era was best. The communist keep saying their was corruption, protitution and gambling, well they are right in that aspect, but! their was liberty. Now you have prostitution and child prostitution due to extreme poverty, gambling due to extreme poverty and corruption due to extreme poverty without the freedom.


By: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario

april 28, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.cubanoticiasdisidentes.com/ - While the Castros enjoy a life of luxury the cuban people have to figure out how to live on around $17.00 US a month. Here i am posting a couple of photos of the paradise the dictatorship has promised the cuban citizens for half a century.

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009


By: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario, member of the PULC in Puerto Rico.

april 26, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.cubanoticiasdisidentes.com/ - Its a shame to see how such a beautiful country has been leveled to an island full of ruins. Raul and Fidel continue to hold a grip on the cuban people to the point where trying to make a living has become just a dream. A country where the basic salary is around $17.00 US dollars a month, realy it is nothing that the cuban people can do to reconstruct their country. First the need to deal with the meagre rations and then try to live on around 450 cuc a month, which is around $17.00 US, which is nothing when you consider that a bar of soap cost around $1.00 US, a roll of toilet paper $1.00 US, a tooth paste around $2.00 US, a quart of milk maybe $1.50, forget about a new pair of shoes, eye glasses, a shirt, maybe a t-shirt $2.00 US, some socks $2.oo US, forget about a new pair of jeans or slacks, forget about giving your kid a quarter for school every day, if the kids need a new notebook that could cost about $1.00 US. There are so many thing to buy on a monthly bases and to try to stretch it on a salary of $17.00 US a month is impossible.

No wonder why Cubas architectural splendors are crumbling to pieces; no money for paint, cement for constructing or forming a cement paste for reconstructing and covering areas of defects has become a thing of the past. The common people simply have no resources to reconstruct any of the deteriorating edifices or personal property. The art for inventing ways to make daily life less stressful has become a struggle of imagenable mechanics and graceful individual gift.

sábado, 25 de abril de 2009


By: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario, PULC member in Puerto Rico.

april 25, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.cubanoticiasdisidentes.com/ - While the cuban population is sinking into wide spread misery the castro brothers and those belonging to their inercircle are living the life of luxury. The brothers have luxury planes and luxury yacht, they drink the best, eat the best and live in the best of places, their families injoy the best of everything, like jewels, vehicles and clothes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy and experience what life has to offer, but when you claim to be something that your not, now thats another story. They claim to be communist and to practice what they preach, but not only are they swimming in the most exaggerated extravagance, but they keep inforcing conditions and rules which are starving and oppressing the cuban people to death.

It seems as though Raul Castro has a slight sense of frustration due to his brother over-ruling his desicions, but this is the price he has to pay for being part of a system which oppresses and abuses its power, so i guess Raul Castro is going to have to continue drowning his sorrow and frustrations in alcohol. It is obvious that the condition of the cuban people maybe destroying Raul Castro sense of self consciouness, but unbelievable as it may seem, in Fidel Castro, we can come to the conclusion the evil does exist. A person who can calmly sit back and not worry for one second the misery and destruction his stubborness is causing has to be one special kind of evil entity who was put on this planet by the diabolic forces of hell.

The thing that worries me most about this situation is that there are people who praise this type of conduct and we can see it in famous personalities as Oliver Stone, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Danny Rivera, Benicio del Toro, Sean Penn, Danny Glover and many others, its just plainly insane, a total nightmare to see people defending evil. Instead of showing our total and unconditional support towards the struggle of the cuban disidents in their efforts to seek their peaceful change from a state of oppression to a state of democracy and human rights, it seems that there are many who seek, otherwise, to struggle together with the forces of satans legions.

The mayority of the cuban people, about more then 70% are seeking a change and the support of the international community to help make that change possible now.

viernes, 24 de abril de 2009


By: Eduardo E. Rodríguez Candelario - member of the PULC in Puerto Rico

april 24, 2009

Hatillo, Puerto Rico - http://www.cubanoticiasdisidentes.com/ - Fidel and Raul Castro continue to mantain their country in a state of permanent oppresseion, violations of civil rights and extreme poverty. We, the free world, need to unite and express our concern and show the world what the communist are really all about. their lies and stubborness are destroying what once used to be considered The Pearl of the Caribbean, which now more or less looks like a third world nation.

When reading the websites on Cuba and seeing the continued harassment of opposers, lack of medical attention of political prisoners, the confiscations of celular phones, so as to avoid those who are against the dictatorship from communicating news about the the conditions of Cuba to the free World, we can come to a clear understanding that the Castro brothers will not change. Maybe when Fidel is gone we can breath a little and just maybe than Raul Castro can be free to make a slight positive change which will improve some what the conditions in Cuba, lets see what happens.

No medical equipment, or adequate hospital facilities for the poor, a cuban monetary system which is worthless, a ration system which is insufficient and inadequate, broken down houses, lack of housing, destroyed structures, buildings, streets and an inadequate public transportation system which is almost completly unreliable is keeping the cuban people in a state of desperation and hopeless about the near future and what awaits them. To be able to feed themselfs is becoming a daily struggle for survival, not knowing if the next day they will be able to feed themselfs or their families. I can just imagine myself in such a hellish condition with no hope in sight.

I just wish that here in my island of Puerto Rico instead of worring about what would happen to us economicaly if Cuba became again a free and democratic nation, we should rather start uniting with our cuban brothers and great family of ours, and start showing strong and permanent support in their struggle for freedom.